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15 April 2022

Northumberland Unbound: Unforgettable Adventures and Unique Experiences

1. Routin Linn Waterfall (6.6miles, 14min drive from Tiptoe)

Not to be mistaken with the more famous Roughting Linn which is located a further 13miles away. This waterfall is a real hidden gem. It feels very secluded, and you are likely to have it all to yourselves. As well as the waterfall there is prehistoric rock art called ‘cup & ring’ displayed.

Waterfall is situated 3 km from Kimmerston or alternatively there is a walking route from Ford Castle through Ford Moss nature reserve and on to the waterfall (6.5 mile circular walk). Postcode: TD15 2QF

Routin Linn Waterfall

2. Pottery Classes at Ravn Clay (4.1miles, 9 min drive from Tiptoe)

Located next door to Heatherslaw mill and on the banks of the River Till you can find the studio for Ravn Clay. Lots of great ceramic works to buys and pottery classes to take part in. The studio is an inspirational space where you can work with stoneware clays and discover the benefits of an ancient, tactile and ultimately uplifting craft practice.

There are various workshops you can take part in, please visit the website for more details

3. Duddo Stones (2 miles from Tiptoe)

The stones are the remains of a Neolithic/Bronze-Age monument.  A small stone circle over 4,000 years old, ‘The Duddo Stones’, also known by other names including, ‘The Singing Stones’ and ‘The Women’. They are currently under the ownership of English Heritage but can be accessed over private land.

4. Bread Making workshops (On-site at Tiptoe)

Take part in a Bread Making Workshop with Pauline Beaumont in your cottage kitchen. Suitable for beginners or more seasoned bakers alike, with all the ingredients and equipment you will need. Feel free to choose which yeasted bread you would like to make alongside a soda bread loaf.

The session will be a chance to chat about making bread, nutrition, and physical and mental wellbeing as well as learning how to make delicious bread. The price includes a copy of Bread Therapy and all the ingredients for the bakes.

5. Chillingham Wild Cattle (19miles, 35min drive from Tiptoe)

This is truly a unique day out. The Wild cattle of Chillingham are the only wild cattle herd left in the wild and once roamed the forests of Britain, they are said to be rarer than the panda! You can book tours with a knowledgeable guide who will take you as close as possible and explain the history of the animal.

Why not visit Chillingham castle after, which is known as Britain’s most haunted historic castle.


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