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7 January 2022

Lady Of The Stream: 5 Top Tips for Grayling Fishing

1. Watch the Water

Keep an eye on the water currents and the behaviour of the fish in the water. Where you find one fish, you will most likely find another! If you manage to distinguish a feeding pattern you can be extremely successful, and land many large grayling, often from the same place.

2. Don’t Be Afraid of Wading

In order to be even more effective while out fishing for grayling, sometimes it takes getting into the water with them. Grayling often tend to prefer water which has an even flow, they are not fans of fast, powerful water and massively fluctuating currents.

3. Use Colourful Flies

While grayling eat things that are naturally coloured, some flies with some added colour do well to grab their attention. Try pink, orange or Red! Weighted flies will also help reach the bottom where the grayling are feeding.

4. Don’t Forget Nymphs

Grayling are bottom feeders, so nymphs are a must-have to have in your arsenal. If you are struggling to find fish, try out a nymph! We recommend: Pheasant tail nymph, hare’s ear and French nymph variants. In general when nymphing a new river its a good idea to turn over a few rocks and have a look at what insect life is present in the river and pick a fly accordingly.

5. Grayling gear

For fairly small rivers like the Till we would recommend a rod ideally of 9’6” or 10’ with a line rating of 2-3. Level mono line of about 8lb as the main line.


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