2017 Reports

2017 Fishing Statistics

MonthSalmon & GrilseSea TroutTotal
January 2017000
February 2017000
March 2017000
April 2017000
May 2017022
June 201711011
July 201731619
August 2017313
September 2017100
October 2017000
November 2017000
December 2017000

October 2017

Fergus Liggins 12lb salmon Big Nicol Pool. Ally Shrimp Fly 9th Oct 2017

Fergus Liggins has returned for the 3rd time this year with his family. We are all delighted as today he has had some success in The  Old Egypt Pool at 5.50pm when he caught this 12lb salmon with a Gold Ally Shrimp fly. The conditions have been favourable with water height at 6inches, with a…

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On September 4th Justin Harvey visited for the day. He caught a 5lb salmon, and returned it. This was caught in Pool 11. We were pleased to see Mike Blee and his wife Sue visit the Orchard Cottage for the week beginning 10th September, and and on 13th September Mike caught and returned an 11…

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August 2017

Mr Wilkinson's son and 10lb salmon

August has started really well with Mr Wilkinson catching a 10lb salmon on 2nd August in The Pulpit Pool with a Rapala and then a 15lb salmon on Saturday 5th August with flying C. Here is Mr Wilkinson Iain McLeod returned on Saturday 12th August, and had some more success when he caught a fresh…

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July 2017

Mike Blee's salmon3rd July 2017

JULY 2017 has been a super month for the Tiptoe Beat! PHOTO FOR JULY :  Mike Blee’s 7 1/2 lb Salmon caught in Pump House Pool Mike Blee and his wife Sue have returned to stay in The Orchard Cottage and to fish, and he has had an amazing visit! On 3rd July the water…

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JUNE 2017

Iain McLeod Sea Trout 2lb 15ozs and came from Tiptoe Throat caught on a Droppen.

PHOTO FOR JUNE:  Iain McLeod’s Sea Trout 2 lb and 15 oz caught in Tiptoe Throat on Droppen June has been very good! Gary Brook visited The Orchard Cottage in early June  and the river was too high to wade, however he managed to catch some brown trout in the Beech Pool. 16th June David…

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MAY 2017


Although the season has been slow there have been some good brown trout seen, and then on May 21st Iain McLeod visited, and had a successful day! He caught 2 Fresh run Sea Trout, 2lb 14ozs and 2lb on a mepps. One from Top Stream and the other from the Beach Pool.