2015 Reports

May has seen some success with the warmer air and fish are moving nicely.

2015 Fishing Statistics

MonthSalmon & GrilseSea TroutBrown TroutGraylingTotal
January 201500000
February 201500000
March 201500000
April 201500000
May 201505003
June 2015256315
July 201522004
August 201592000
September 201521000
October 201510000
November 201500000
December 201500000

October 2015

On 25th September Jack Hall caught a 5lb salmon in the pump House Pool Carl Ambrose and his son visited 1st week in October and on 6th Carl caught a 10lb salmon in Pylon pool aught on mepp after heavy rain   Liam Ambrose caught several brown trout in Brown Trout.

September 2015

Mr Paul Blick 4th September 1 sea trout in Tiptoe Throat pool the water was very low On Sept 24th Mike Blee caught a 3lb sea trout in the Pulpit Pool again the conditions have not been favourable with low and clear water caught onA SIZE 16 DOUBLE   Jack Ainslie caught a 5 lb…

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August 2015

August 1st Mr Robinson caught a 2 lb Grisle and a 6lb sea trout both in top stream caught on Bann Special 4th August Mr Lewis caught a small sea trout at 2lbs in Beach pool 6th August Richard Lee caught Grisle all 4 1/2lb The Mile Marker and the The Pulpit, On 20th August…

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July 2015

8th July Alex Douglas a caught a 4lb seatrout in Tiptoe on a silver black tube 7th July 2lb seatrout in Top Stream on a silver black tube 11th July Mike Smith 2 Salmon 8lb, and 7lb in pylon Pool and Pump House

June 2015

Stephen Jones 3 4 lb Brown Trout

Stephen and Alison Jones visited the 1st week in June, and Stephen said “The fishing was very good last week overall, particularly assisted by the little rise in the water for a day early in the week, and we were both delighted to have connected with one good sea trout each – in my case,…

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May 2015

In early May seatrout were being spotted in the Pylon Pool. Then on 7th May Ed Seymour got lucky in Pool 6 “The Irrigation Pool” when he caught 1 1/2 lb seatrout. Then Ed had some action Pool 2 “The Long Flat” where he managed to catch and return 1 seatrout 2 ¾ lbs .…

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