5.5lb salmon Size 14 double caught in Pulpit 2 sept 19

September started well with Mike Blee’s annual visit to the Till, and he started the week well on Monday 2nd Sept by catching and returning a 5.5 lb salmon in the Pulpit Pool (number 10 pool) on a size 14 double.


5.5lb salmon Size 14 double caught in Pulpit 2 sept 19

Mike continued to have an enjoyable and fruitful week. On 3rd September he caught a 3.1/4 grilse again in Pulpit Pool on a mepps No 2 . Then on 4th September  by another 2.5 lb grilse (returned) in the Hole Pool (number 15 pool)

Then on 6th Sept he caught and returned a 4.5 grilse in Pylon on a Toby, then a 2.5 lb grilse  in Mile Marker on a size 14 double.

Fergus Liggins returned for the day on 5th September with his chum on 5th September and caught numerous brownies.

Mike smith and Mr Shankie visited on Saturday 7th Sept and caught 3 grisle 5.5 lb, 4lb, and 3lb in The Pump House Pool (number 11) and an 8lb salmon in  in the Pulpit Pool.

Mr Harvey visited for the week with his family, and had some success in Pylon pool (No. 12 catching a 3lb Grilse on 2 mepps, followed by a 7 lb salmon in the Long Flat pool (no. 2 pool)

On 14th Sept Mike Smith caught a 3 lb grilse.

Since the 14th September there have been many brown trout caught.