September 2010

Till Fishing - 2010 Reports

Thursday 2nd September The water remains low. Mike Blee has had a lovely day. He caught and returned a 3 3/4 lb salmon in the Pulpit Pool on a mepps, and then ventured down to the newly fully accessed Hole Pool and caught a 3lb Salmon with a cascade 16.

On Tuesday 7th September Tony Bell caught a 4 1/4 salmon in the Old Egypt Pool with a worm (garden fly)

On Wednesday 8th Tony had a double catch in the Pulpit pool 4 lb and 2 lb. Doug Fisher caughth grisle in Egypt Pool with a worm. and another 2 1/4 in the Beach pool.

Thursday 9th Angus went fishing in the evening after his river bank work, and caught a well earned 3 lb Salmon with a self tied Devlin fly in the Top Stream Pool. The height was low, and he saw alot of fish.

Martin Bell had the record catch so far this month with a 8 1/2 lb salmon caught in the mile marker pool. (We have had some rain )

On 10th Doug Fisher has some more success in the Mile marker pool catching 2 grisle 3 lb and 2lb 2oz, and then Tony caught a grisle in the Pulpit Pool . Pictures to follow.

On 11th September Mike Smith Mr Borthwick each caught a 3lb grilse with worm. Mr Shankie caught a 2 1/2 lb Sea trout with a spinner.

13/ 9 Peter Hayes and Darren Bell came to stay and they had some success with worms, catching seven grilse between them – all in the top Stream .

The last fish caught in Setember was 18th when Angus caught a Grilse in the top stream with the Devlin self tied fly.