October 2009

Till Fishing - 2009 Report

Conditions improved.

At the beginning of October Mr Crawford caught  (and returned)  a 4 lb sea trout  in Old Egypt Pool with a Stoat’s Tail fly

Mr Davidson caught a salmon with a Teal Blue Silver Fly.

In Mid October The Liggins family returned and the father and son duo had more success!

The first day  it was clear and fair with low water, but fish were showing .They caught  (and returned ) a 4lb and  7lb salmon with a single and double Hairy Mary fly catching a 4lb & 7lb salmon in the Top Stream and Pylon Pool.

On 2nd day father Liggins caught an 8lb Salmon with a double teal blue silver 12 in the top stream.

On the 3rd day Fergus (son!) caught a 15 lb salmon with a double Hairy Mary in The Top stream.