May 2019

Mike Smith and Mr Shankie

On May 11th 2019 Mike and Norman came fishing for the day.  2 Sea trout were caught in the Beach Pool. the sizes were 7lb and 2.5lb (returned)
Mike said “Arriving at the river we found it was running quite coloured from a rise two days earlier
fishing the fly was going to be out so a no 2 mepps was the choice
after fishing a few good spots we arrived at the beach pool
where Norman had a small bright sea trout  and then after five minutes  was into a large sea trout around the 7lb mark
both fish were returned safely after a good fight !!”

On May 24th Iain McLeod (our regular Day Rod) caught a 3lb 5oz Sea trout in the Top Pool.

Iain commented  “The Tiptoe beat is a truly lovely bit of the Till to fish. A variety of fast water and deep pools can give the angler plenty of scope for a good evening or days fishing. The first Sea Trout appear in April and the beat is usually well stocked throughout the season.”

Iain McLeod 3lb 5 oz sea trout

He also caught 5 Brown Trout.


Ian McLeod 24th May 2019


On Monday 27th May Iain returned, and he caught (& returned)  a sea trout in the Long Flat Pool.

On May 28th May Mr McGregor who is staying on the farm for 1/2 term week with his family caught a 3 1/2 lb sea trout in the Beach Pool with a Kingfisher Butcher. He also caught brown trout and grayling.

On June 6th Mike Smith and Norman Shankie visited for the day, and ha d some success in the Pulpit Pool where they caught 2 Salmon 6 lb and 10lb.