May 2015

In early May seatrout were being spotted in the Pylon Pool.
Then on 7th May Ed Seymour got lucky in Pool 6 “The Irrigation Pool” when he caught 1 1/2 lb seatrout.
Then Ed had some action Pool 2 “The Long Flat” where he managed to catch and return 1 seatrout 2 ¾ lbs . Both were caught on Mepps size 3 silver.
On May 9th Mr Shankie and Mike Smith visited , and Mr Shankie caught a 5lb seatrout in the Pool Number 1 “Top Stream Pool”

On the 25th of the 5th month 2015 Iain McLeod visited the beat. The air was warmer today, and he said “I caught a fresh run Sea Trout 2lb 13ozs on a Mepps 2 from No1 Pool (Top Stream). Saw a few others on the beat all around 2 – 3 pound mark. Enjoyed my day. It is a lovely beat. “

2lb seatrout. Top Stream Iain McLeod

Phil Patterson stayed the last week in May with his family, and he fitted in some fishing! Phil said on 28th May “caught this brown trout last night on the top stream. It was just under a pound. It took a silver stoats tail. I also lost a sea trout. I put the brown trout back. That’s the biggest wild brown trout I’ve caught in 20 years fishing the till, and I returned it”

Brown Trout Phil Patterson

Phil also had some luck on 29th May “I caught a 4 1/2 lb sea trout last night on the fly at the top stream. I was in the process of trying to locate my phone so I could take a photo for you to add to the website however it flipped back into the river Caught it on a black and green fly at 940pm. ! “