June 2019

McLeary ST

McLeary ST

June has been a record breaking month with some talented visitors with Lots of sport with Sea Trout.

On June 8th Iain McLeod returned and caught 4 sea trout in top Stream, Mile Marker, Pump House and Tiptoe Throat Pools. He also caught numerous brown trout.

On 11th June Mr Finch Noyles caught and returned a sea trout in Top Stream Pool at 10.15pm with a black Spider Fly 5.14.  Many brown trout were caught as well. The rest of the week saw the river rise significantly which stopped sport.

On 19th June William Robertson visited  and he caught 3 sea trout. in Top Stream, and Beach Pools.

Mr Robinson’s photos below.

Mr Robinson retrning the sea trout June 2019 Mr Robinson Sea trout June 2019


Iain McLeod also returned  on 19th and caught 3 sea trout, and again on 21st June and caught 2 more

On 20th June Andy McCreary visisted for the day, and caught 2 sea trout 2lbs  & 31/2 lbs in the Top Stream Pool with a Black Sheep in morning, and Flying C in afternoon.

On 22nd and 29th June  Mike Smith and Mr Shankie caught 2 sea trout on each day with Flying C and Mepps in the Top Stream, Pump House, and The Hole pools