JUNE 2017

Iain McLeod Sea Trout 2lb 15ozs and came from Tiptoe Throat caught on a Droppen.

PHOTO FOR JUNE:  Iain McLeod’s Sea Trout 2 lb and 15 oz caught in Tiptoe Throat on Droppen

June has been very good!

Gary Brook visited The Orchard Cottage in early June  and the river was too high to wade, however he managed to catch some brown trout in the Beech Pool.

16th June David Leslie caught 2 Sea Trout in Pool 1 with silver Stoats Tail.

June 16th Chris Glover caught a 2 ½ lb Sea Trout in Tiptoe Throat Pool

June 16th Mike Smith caught a 2 Sea Trout and  4 lb and 2 ½  lb and a Grilse weighing 3 lb with Gold mepps at the mile marker Pool

Iain McLeod visited for the day on June 26th, and caught 4 Sea Trout (2 returned) weighing  2lb 15oz and 2 lbs 4oz. caught with Mepps and Droppen. He also caught 3 brown trout. These were caught in
No 1 Pool Top Stream,  No 4 Pool – Tiptoe Throat, and  No 6 Pool Irrigation Pools

Also on 26th June Mr Binnington, and  and Mr Rhodes caught a Sea Trout, and 2 Brown Trout on Silver Stoat, dry fly.