June 2016

Penny Easy, a local angler visited on 13th June, and although it was a cold day she caught (and returned)  a 1 lb Sea Trout in the Top Stream.

Graham Stein and Johnny Dyble from Edinburgh visited on Friday 17th for the day. There was rise in the water overnight which added alot of colour to the water.

Graham said “We had a good time in the evening, landing one Sea Trout (noted in the book) caught in the Beach Pool (No 7 pool) and hooking 2 others that got away. The water rose later on, which seemed to put a stop to further sport.”

Week 20th June Tom Roberts is staying in the Orchard Cottage, and so far he has caught numerous brown trout, and lost a large Sea Trout. We shall hope he sees the Sea Trout again before the week ends.
*NEWSFLASH* Tom spent Thursday 23rd June evening in the The Beach Pool (NO 7) , and he caught a beautiful fresh 2lb Sea Trout with a Teal/ Blue Silver No 12. He also caught a Brown Trout.

Tom’s Fish

Sea Trout June 2016Tom Roberts June 2016

Mike Smith and Mr Shankie spent the early morning fishing on Saturday 25th June. The water had risen slightly, and was dirty. They caught 2 fresh Sea Trout in Top Steam   ( No 1 Pool ) with small Toby.