June 2015

Stephen Jones 3 4 lb Brown Trout

Stephen and Alison Jones visited the 1st week in June, and Stephen said
“The fishing was very good last week overall, particularly assisted by the little rise in the water for a day early in the week, and we were both delighted to have connected with one good sea trout each – in my case, I reckon that it was the largest sea trout I have ever hooked on your beat.
It’s always very difficult to estimate the weight of a fish that you lose, but I would reckon that my fish was in the 7 lb – 10 lb class. It fought furiously and kept leaping, so I got several reasonable sightings of it in the dark. Sadly on the sixth big leap it managed to break the leader (I had 10 lb nylon on) just at the end, so I retrieved my nylon but the fish kept the fly!

I did manage a consolation prize of a very nice brown trout from Beach, and I would say that overall the stock of brown trout seems to me to be quite a bit larger than in recent years, which is a very good sign. Trout from Beach used to be reasonably plentiful when we started coming to Tiptoe, but seemed to me to be much less common in more recent years, so to have them back again in good numbers was great.

Alison was very pleased to have connected once again with a decent Till sea trout, as she has missed out completely for the past few years, and she managed to hang on to a couple of decent grayling over the course of the week, as well as quite a few smaller fish.”

Stephen Jones 3 4 lb Brown Trout


Tom Roberts had a good day with Bob Smith instructing, and he caught and released 1 sea trout, and 2 lovely brown trout. Photos below courtesy, and with thanks from Bob Smith

Tom Roberts Seatrout 9 6 15

tom's brown trout tom's sea trout

11th June Tom continues to catch numerous brown Trout weighing approximately 6oz

16th June I came across Tom in the fishing room looking exhausted, and this is why! A 15lb salmon from Pylon Pool.

15lb salmon Tom Roberts


Mr Phil Campbell visiting for the day on June 19th caught an 8lb salmon in Pool 6 “Irrigation Pool” on a teal and Blue temple dog fly.

Mike Blee returned for his annual visit to Tiptoe River Till. His luck came late evening at 11pm on 23rd June in the Mile Marker when  he caught 1 sea trout 1 1/2 lbs with a small black fly.

On 25th June he caught 2 sea Trout 2lb and 2 1/2lb one in Beach P0ol, and the other in Top Stream, both with a black pennel. One 10am and one 10pm.