June 2012

Till Fishing - 2012 Reports

Stephen and Alison returned to stay at The Orchard Cottage in the first week of June.

On 7th June Stephen was delighted to catch a beautiful 7lb fresh salmon in the Top Stream Pool. He caught this with a size 10 double teal Blue, silver and the fish was taken at the head of the pool. The river on this day was 1ft and 10inches and a brown colour. The river rose considerably for the rest of the week to heights of 2ft 6″ to
4ft and 6″. Alison enjoyed some good sport catching small brown trout and grayling all averaging 1/2lb.

On 13th June Andrew McCleary visited for the day and he caught 2 sea trout in the top stream 5 1/2lbs and 2lbs. They were caught in the Top Stream on the fly.

“I caught the sea trout with a size 12 Dark Mackerel fly

The water was very high, but it did start to drop throughout the day, and the conditions did start to get better as the day went on. I honestly did not think I would have any success, because I only had the fly with me, so I was delighted by the end of the day and I shall return for some more good sport!!

Week beginning June 17th The Brook family returned for their annual visit to the Orchard Cottage, and on Tuesday 19th Gary had some good sport in the Top Stream. The water was chocolatey, but getting lighter with a height of 4ft and he caught a seatrout 2 lb 4 oz with a silver Mepps No3.

Our Local angler, Ed Seymour returned on Wednesday 20th June and he caught 2 sea trout 2lbs and 3. 5 lbs on a Copper Mepps No 2 in the Windy Corner and the Pulpit Pools.

‘ I caught the fish in the Pylon Pool on a blue and black fly which I think is called a Nagli ( ? ) I stripped it back through the tail of the pool and quickly missed one fish then next cast caught one, 3lbs 10oz. It fought well spending a lot of the time cartwheeling across the water’.

On Wednesday 27th June Frank MacDonald visited for the day. He caught an 8llb sea trout in the Top Stream. The river was murky coloured.

In the evening of the 27th Ed dropped by again, and I believe he has caught the record breaking (for Tiptoe beat!) 11lb sea trout with a flying C yellow silver blade, in the Beach pool.In addition he caught, and released 3 others weighing 1 1/2 lbs – 2 lbs . A great day!