July 2017

Mike Blee's salmon3rd July 2017

JULY 2017 has been a super month for the Tiptoe Beat!

PHOTO FOR JULY :  Mike Blee’s 7 1/2 lb Salmon caught in Pump House Pool

Mike Blee and his wife Sue have returned to stay in The Orchard Cottage and to fish, and he has had an amazing visit!

On 3rd July the water was coloured with water height 1′ 8″ and Mike caught a 7 1/2 lb Salmon (returned) on mepps. He also caught 2  x Sea Trout 3 1/2 lbs (returned)  and 2 1/2 lbs all in the Pump House.

On 4th July he caught 2 more Sea Trout (returned) 2 lb(Returned)  and 3 lb (Returned) These were caught in Beaches and Irrigation Pool both on Mepps.

Mike’s success continued on 6th July with a 4lb Seatrout caught with Mepps in Old Egypt Pool.

On 7th July Mike caught 2 Seatrout 2lb and 3 lb(Returned)  in Long Flats pool.

Mike’s last day was a great triumph with a 7lb salmon (Returned) and a 2lb Seatrout (Returned) both also from Long Flats pool.

Week beginning Monday 10th July Phil Patterson  and family visited The Orchard Cottage , and Phil has had some successful evening  fishing.   On 11th July at 8.45 pm he caught a 2 1/2 lb Seatrout (Returned)   in Pool 1 with a small orange gold/ black double. On 12th July at 9.10 pm he caught a 4lb Seatrout (returned) with the same fly and same pool!
On 13th July he caught 2 more Seatrout 2 1/2 lb (returned) in pool 7 at 7.30pm  and at 8.45pm he caught a 4lb Seatrout (returned) in Pool 1. Both with the small orange gold/ black double.

Phil’s son aged 11 years has been learning with his dad, and he took the photo below!

Phil Patterson Seatrout 2 lbs 13th July 2017

Martin Guiver who is visiting for the week caught this beautiful fresh Sea Trout on Tuesday 25th July and he told me
“It was sea fresh, only hours in the system and was in fact the best conditioned sea trout I’ve ever seen! It measured 26.5 inches had a huge girth and weighed over 10lb Fergus and I are both great conservationists and all are fish are returned as was this stunning example!”

Martin Guiver 10lb Sea Trout 25th July 2017