July 2012

Till Fishing - 2012 Reports

On 2nd July Ed catches a lovely sea trout in the Pump House pool with a yellow Flying C. He also lost a good fish in the Beech Pool on a Blue Toby. The water was very coloured, and the weather very unpleasant!

On 4th July Stuart Humpries, who is staying in The Orchard Cottage caught a sea trout in the Pylon Pool with a ABU Spinner sliver/ Blur.

On 5th July Mike Smith , a regular day rod visitor caught a record breaking 14 lb salmon in the Tiptoe throat pool with a spinner Black Flying C.

On 6th pm Ed returns for another catch and this time a seatrout in the pylon pool. Ed describes the level as OK, but quite coloured. He lost a fish in No 1 Pool on the fly, and saw a salmon leap in the Long flat pool. He said next week should be really good fishing!!

On 20th July Daile Scobie came fishing with his grandfather and they caught a 5lb salmon with a worm in pool No 7 The Beech Pool

Mike Smith and Mr Shankie returned on 21st July and caught 2 Grisle 7 3/4 lb and 5 lbs caught in the Top Stream and Tiptoe Throat, and then a lovely sea trout in the Quarry Run.

Ed returned for some evening fishing and caught a grilse on a Gledswood Shrimp black and orange fly in the Top Stream Pool

Matt Cross who is staying in the Orchard Cottage has begun the week well on 31/7/2012 by catching a 6 lb grisle in the long Flat Pool and a 3 1/2 lb sea trout in the Mile Marker Pool. Both caught on size 3 Bronze mepp. In the evening Sam Patterson , who is also staying in the Orchard Cottage caught a 6lb salmon in Windy Corner pool with a size 4 silver mepp.

On 28th July Mike Smith and and Mr Shankie caught a 3 salmon 6lbs, 4lbs and 3 lbs in the Pulpit Pool.

Mr Humphries a local angler caught beautiful 8lb and 3 1/2 lb salmon in the top Stream Pool on cascade and Ally Shrimp flies.

Chris Parsons and Sinon Pattinson had an exciting week staying in the Orchard Cottage from 29th July – 5th August. on 31st Chris Parson’s caught a 6lb grilse in the Long Flat Pool and 3 lb Sea trout in the Mile Marker Pool, and they were both caught on size 3 Bronze mepp.

The following day Simon Pattison caugt a 6lb Grilse in Windy Corner with a size 3 Silver Mepp.

On 1st August they both had some sport with Chris catching a 6 lb Grilse in The Long Flat with a size 3 Bronze Mepp, and the Simon caught a 3lb Grilse also with a size 3 Bronze Mepp in Windy Corner Pool.