July 2010

Till Fishing - 2010 Reports

July has been exciting month with some great visitors to the Tiptoe beat of the River Till.

On Thursday July 1st Paul Masshedar, who has been staying in the cottage, caught a beautiful 6lb Sea trout with a Peter Ross fly in the irrigation pool.

On Friday 2nd July, a lovely sunny day he caught a 3 1/2 lb sea trout with a No 3 mepps in the Mile Marker Pool.

ON Friday evening at approx 10pm Angus Walton caught a sea trout 3lb 4 oz with a Denlin fly in the Windy Corner Pool

3rd July Nick Munro Ferguson caught a 3lb sea trout with a silver stoat @ 4 am in the Beach Pool

22nd July I am pleased to report that Anthony caught a 2lb Sea trout in the top Stream.

On 23rd Mr Barbieri, visiting the Orchard cottage from Italy caught a 2lb sea trout in the pump House Pool with a silver Dortar.

On 24th Nick Munro Ferguson caught a 4lb Sea trout with a black and yellow in the Pump House.

On July 24th Mr Borthwick caught a 2lb sea trout in the Pump Hose pool with a spinner. Therewas a small bit of colour in the water.

On July 30th night Nick Munro Ferguson had more success and caught the first Grisle- a 3 1/2 lb Grilse with a blue shrimp pattern in the long flat pool