Peter Brewis 1st Aug 2019

Peter Brewis, a local angler from Kirknewton visited for only a couple of hours on the evening of Thursday 1st August , and had some success in the Beach Pool. (No. 7) He caught this beautiful Sea trout weighing 3 lb in the Beach Pool with a fly – Gold Willie Gunn. We are hoping he will return soon to enjoy the River Till during the peak season.

PETER’S FISH 3 lb Sea Trout

Peter Brewis 1st Aug 2019



Mr Guiver and son fished week 29th July – 3rd August, and had some good sport catching several brown trout in pools in The Irrigation Pool (NO 6 ) and Top Stream Pool (No 1) They saw afew salmon, but will just have to return to catch them!

Fergus Liggins returned for more sport On Saturday 3rd August, and caught  9 lb salmon , and 6lb grisle both in the Mile Marker Pool (No 3 ) with a cascade  size 12, Both returned .  Fergus said he caught these before the heat wave set in during the afternoon! Conditions : height 11″ and 20 C

Fergus’s 6lb Grilse (returned) 

6lb Grisle Aug 3rd 2019 caught in Mile Marker on Cascade Size 12


Fergus’s 9lb Salmon (returned)

Fergus Liggins 9lb Salmon in Miler Marker 3 rd August Cascade size 12

Despite the river being in flood for a couple of days,  looking uninviting,  and in my humble opinion looking less than hopeful, Sam Pattinson arrived for 2 days fishing on 15th August.  On 14th August I sent a whatsapp video and photos of the Till looking very energetic, and said he could swap his days. Thankfully he ignored all my sound advice!

Irrigation Pool (No 6) looking energetic!

River in Flood August 16th 2019

Take a look at this video below!

Video of energetic Till

Sam had an exciting time on the 15th August when he saw lots of fish, and then on 15th he managed to hook 9 sea trout, and landed 2 x 3 lb sea trout in the Top Stream Pool ( No 1) and the Long Flat Pool (No 2)

Sam’s 3lb sea trout from Top Stream Pool

Sams fish with no spinner showing

Nick Wilkinson, and his son arrived on Sunday 18th August. On Monday 19th they had a great day catching 4 grilse, and 2 sea trout. Here is a video of Nick’s son returning a beautiful fresh sea liced salmon.

IMG_0211 (3)

Week 19th August is proving to be  a record month with some exciting catches!

Each day this week has been equally exciting, and here are some photos from the  week.

In total Nick Wilkinson and  his son caught a total of
12 grilse
3 salmon
4 sea trout

Monday 19th Grilse



mattie Wilkinson 5 lb salmon 22nd August 2019

Mattie holding fish


Mattie and a sea trout

Mattie again


Mattie again!

Fergus Liggins visited for the day on 22nd and caught (returned ) a 4lb Grilse with a size 12 Cascade in the Pulpit Pool (no 10)


Fergus 4 lb grisle size 12 cascade Pulpit Pool 22nd Aug 2019