August 2017

Mr Wilkinson's son and 10lb salmon

August has started really well with Mr Wilkinson catching a 10lb salmon on 2nd August in The Pulpit Pool with a Rapala and then a 15lb salmon on Saturday 5th August with flying C.

Here is Mr Wilkinson

Mr Wilkinson and his 10 lb salmon 2nd August 2017

Iain McLeod returned on Saturday 12th August, and had some more success when he caught a fresh 3lb Seatrout in the Long Flat pool with mepps.

Fergus Liggins a Dr in Newcastle upon Tyne, who has fished the Tiptoe Beat since he was a young boy returned on Saturday 19th August, and landed a 6 lb salmon in the mile Marker.

Fergus visited again on Monday 28th August and  Caught a 5lb salmon in mile marker on a willie gunn.

Here is a photo of Fergus with the salmon.

Fergus Liggins 5lb salmon in mile marker on a willie gunn. 28th August

Mr Harrison visited for the day on Thursday 24th August , and had a double catch with a 2 3/4 lb seatrout caught in No 4 pool, (Tiptoe Throat)  and a 9lb Salmon caught in No 1 (Top Stream pool)  both caught with a Husky Jerk.

Mr Harrison fish SEA TROUT & SALMON 24TH AUG

Mr Harrison 24th August 1 x seatrout 2 34 lb No 4 pool and 9lb Salmon No 1 Mr Harrison