August 2012

Till Fishing - 2012 Reports

On August 1st both Chris Parsons and Simon Pattison had some good sport Chris catching a 6lb grilse on a size 3 Bronze Mepp in the long Flat pool , and Simon a 3lb grilse in Windy Corner.

On August 11th Archie Seymour aged 11 years came fishing with his Dad, and he caught a 5 lb grisle on Yellow flying C in the Pulpit pool. The water was slightly coloured.

On 13th August Philip Erieau came to stay for a week in the Orchard Cottage and he caught and returned a 6lbs Sea Trout just downstream from the Old Egypt Pool with a stoats tail# 8. The following day he caught and returned a 5lb grilse again with a stoats tail, and in the same pool.

The following week Mike Blee returned for his annual visit and had some success on Thursday 23rd August in the Pylon Pool catching a 2lb sea trout with a No 2 Mepp. The water was coloured. On 25th he returned to the Pulpit Pool to catch a 3lb Grilse with a No 2 Mepp, and on this day the water was clearing.

Richard Barnes joined Mike on 27th and he caught a 2lb sea trout with a flying C in the Quarry Run.

Also 27th August Mike caught a 10lb salmon in the Mile marker with a NO 2 Mepp and a 6lb sea trout with a flying C in the Long Flat Pool. Tye described the water as coloured in the morning, and clearing a little in the pm

To end his time spent at Tiptoe this year Mike cught 2 sea trout. On Thursday 30th August the water was very coloured, and he caught a 6lb sea trout in the Pylon Pool with a flying C and 1 lb sea trout in the Mile Marker Pool.