August 2011

Till Fishing - 2011 Reports

Stephen and Alison Jones visited 1st August week, and the river was lower @ 6’ and they caught many brown trout caught on a Butcher. On 6th August Stephen caught his 1st ½ lb perch taken in the tail end of the Top Stream.

The day they left the rain started and river began to fill.

Mike Blee and family arrived on Sunday 30th July and his 1st day on 1st Aug was looking bleak with the river at 3’ of chocolate!

Then On Tuesday 9th August Mike was delighted to catch very fresh fish 3lb and 8oz in the Pulpit pool on mepps.

Then on 10th August Mike had some success catching 2 fresh salmon in the Mile Marker Pool a 10lb 8oz and a 4lb 12oz both on mepps
Today 11th August the river is looking very high, but Jack Aisley a local angler beat the odds , and caught an 11lb Salmon on the fly in the Cauld Pool.

13/August Mike Blee 1 x 9lb 12oz fresh salmon caught in The Long Flat on a rapala. The water was cloudy @ 2′ 10″

Also on 13th August Our youngest fisherman called Archie Barnes aged 6 years caught his first salmon weighing 5lbs at Windy Corner with a No 3 mepps. His father Richard helped him to reel and land the fish.

On 15th August Nicholas Barrs and Justin Harry from Morpeth had a spectacular day with non stop action in the Pylon and Top Stream pools .
Nicholas caught 2 salmon each weighing 8lb , a seatrout weighing 4 lbs and a grisle weighing 4 lbs. They each lost 4-5, and went home exhilerated and exhausted! River level 2foot

On Wednesday 17th Richard Barnes managed to catch a beautiful 6.5 lb salmon on the fly in the Beach Pool.

Early Morning on 19th Aug Richard caught a beautiful 3lb salmon in the Beach Pool on a fly. Jack Aisley returned and caught a 3 1/2 lb grisle on the worm in the Pump House pool.