August 2010

Till Fishing - 2010 Reports


The first week of August the Askew family are staying, and the father and son team have already had some success!

On 2nd August @6.30am Tom caught a 1 1/2 lb Grisle in the Mill Run with a silver stoat , and Paul Askew caught a 2 1/2 lbSea trout in the Beach pool with a rapala 2″also at about 6am. Paul also lost a grilse.

On 3rd August Thomas had a triple catch all in the top stream 2lb Grisle on sliver stoat, 2lb Sea trout on Peter ross, and another 3lb sea trout with a sliver stoat – Thomas quoted “a great hour and a half as the light was going”all caught as the light was going in the evening.

On 4th August Nick Munro Fergsuon was thrilled to catch his first 2 1/2 lb Grisle with a self tied peacock and yellow @ about 6pm in the tiptoe throat Pool

On 4th at dusk Thomas Askew in Mile Marker Grisle 2 1/4 lb Grisle silver stoat Then in Top stream Grisle 2 lb with a comet Both very fresh fish.

More success for Thomas on 5th at the Windy Corner this time a 3 1/2 Sea trout with Silver staoat at dusk. Lost 2 fish!

On 14th August Mike smith and Mr Shankie visited on Saturady 14th Long Flat 4 Grisle all 3 – 5 llbs. ” Sea trout 3 lb and 2 1/2 lb caught with spinner. In Tiptoe Throat they caught 1 grisle 6lb and 1 salmon 7lb . Returned sea trout and 2 salmon

Mr Duncan and Mr Murray caught with worm and returned 5 grilse from The Pulpit 3 1/4, 1, 5 1/2 4 , 31/2

On 17th Martin Edgar (DAY ROD VISITOR) caught a beautiful fresh 6lb salmon with a stoats tail in Pylon Pool.

Week beginning 23rd August Richard Barnes and family returned to the Orchard Cottage for a week. He had concerns with the river levels low , and a surprisingly exciting week. On Monday 23rd in Beach pool Richard caught a 2lb salmon with a black and brown 16 shrimp fly, and then a 4lb salmon at the Mile marker.

Evening of Tuesday 24th Nick Munro Ferguson had an exciting 15 minutes (!) when caught a 2 salmon 2lb and 6lb with Ally’s shrimp in the mile marker. Both lovely fresh fish.

25th Nick fished the Tp Stream and caught a 21/2 lb salmon with a blue shrimp, and also lost one .

On 26 Richard Barnes continued his success this time in the Beach pool 2lb Salmon caught with a rapale, then in the Pylon Pool 3lb Salmon good fresh fish.

Mike Blee father in law of Richard Barnes joined Richard on the river on 26th Aug and on 27th Aug a fresh salmon1 1/2 lb with a size 16 willie Gunn.

On 28th Aug Nick Munro Ferguson caught a cock fish (kept) salmon 4 1/2 lb with a willie gumm.

August ended on a high at 6pm on 31st all within one magical hour when Mike Blee caught a 2/3/4 lb salmon in the Mile marker, and a 8 lb Salmon (returned) in the Pulpit. Both fresh fish.